Programs are intended for venues to describe the event or series of events that they would like to host.  The Program is NOT intended to describe or promote the venue itself.  Venues are invited to add that information by selecting Edit Profile and updating the Promotional Information section.  The following are best practices regarding what information should be included in program descriptions.  Feel free to cut and paste the following into your program and then update the information to suit what you intend to do:  

Event Description: describe the event or series of events that you would like to run, what is it all about, what is the objective, why etc.

Performance dates and times: What dates/days/times will your performances run? 

Compensation: How does the artist get paid, is there a guarantee, is it a door deal etc.

PA: is a PA provided or does the artist need to bring their own? 

Audience: Who is the target audience? Is it all ages, family friendly, 18+? 

Preferred Artists: Who is the target artist? Genre, diversity, age, etc

Accessibility: Is your venue and/or event accessible?

Special considerations: Are there considerations that persons with special needs/restrictions should be aware of like strobing or other.

Charitable status: Is this in support of a charity, not for profit or other cause that the artist should be aware of?