Many musicians play in multiple formats (solo/duo/trio/band) and currently new Stagehand profiles are required in order to highlight each of your formats.  In order to create a new Stagehand profile you will require a unique login which means a unique email address which can be a problem for some users.  Here is a trick that works well for gmail users and any other email format that supports aliases.  

Gmail allows you to add aliases by using "+" as part of your email address.  For example if your email address is you can use and gmail will ignore the +trio and deliver all email to  Stagehand however will recognize as a unique email address and allow you to set up a new Stagehand profile using that email.  Many email engines are based on gmail so even if your email address is try sending yourself an email at and see if you receive it.  If you do you know that aliases work for you.  The additional benefit of using aliases is that all email traffic from the Stagehand app will be directed to one email address, you will just need to remember to login as the correct format when applying to programs or replying to offers etc (i.e. and and will all be delivered to  

If you have questions please send a note to