If you would like to change the email that you signed up with do the following: 

  • Sign out of Stagehand
  • Visit https://stagehand.app
  • select SIGN UP and create a new userid and password with the new email that you want to use
  • STOP when you are asked if you are an artist or a venue
  • You will receive an email, make sure you click the link provided to validate the email
  • Send an email to support@stagehand.appand provide:
    • The artist name as listed on the artist profile that you would like to attach to the new userid/password. 
    • The new email that you want attached to the artist profile 
  • We will attach the new userid/password to the artist profile that you request and send you a note to confirm that it is complete
  • Sign out and sign back in with the new userid/password and you will see that you are attached to the artist profile. 

If you have questions please send a note to support@stagehand.app

PLEASE NOTE: if you had previously set up payments you will need to set up payments again with the new userid and password.  Review this article to for instructions regarding how to set up payments. https://stagehand.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/31000156205