After opening a program and a batch, you will begin to receive applications from artists wishing to perform at your venue. Now we can start the process of booking actual events.

  1. Click on the 'Applications' tile, and scroll through the applications you have received. You can click on any artist and see which of your available dates they have applied for. 

  2. Click the ‘View Artist’ button below their profile picture to see the artist's complete profile, and learn more about them.

  3. Once you have decided you would like to accept an application, open the artist's application from your list, and click on ‘Make Offer’.

  4. Choose the date(s) that you wish to offer them.

PRO TIP: You can offer any date to the artist, but If you offer a date that they have applied for, they are more likely to accept your request

  1. Add a start and end time, artist guarantee (if applicable), and specify online details. 

  2. Give this event a title (if no title is given, it will default to the name of the artist performing), specify a cover charge, and write an event description. Note that these will all be visible to the public once the event is confirmed and published.

  3. Click ‘Send Offer’. You can keep an eye on the status of your offer in ‘Your Events’ from the drop-down menu. The ‘In Progress Tab’ shows you any action that you must take. ‘Pending’ events are waiting for artist confirmation. You will also receive an email when the status of an event changes- for example when an artist accepts or declines.

  4.  The artist will then respond to your offer (either accept or decline). They may also message you through Stagehand's messaging feature if any terms need clarifications or alterations. You can access these messages at any time by clicking ‘Messages’ from the drop-down menu.

  5. Once an artist has accepted your offer, you will receive a notification under ‘Your Events’ in the drop-down menu, as well as an email.

  6. Open up the ‘Your Events’ page and you will see you have a notification under ‘Offers Requiring Action’. Click on this offer, and review the details one final time. If you wish to contact the artist before publishing, you may message them using the orange messaging icon in the bottom right corner.

  7. Once both parties are happy with the terms, click ‘Confirm and Publish’, and then ‘Confirm Booking’. This will post the upcoming event to your profile, and update your website if you have installed a widget.

  8. Confirmed events will be moved to your 'Confirmed Events Awaiting Details' tab. Once you have taken care of any final details (posters, PA etc.), click into the event and click 'Update and Mark as Ready'

  9. Finally, remove the confirmed date from your program availability. 

PRO TIP: Stagehand also offers a widget that can be installed on your venue's website. This will automatically add events to your website when they are booked in Stagehand. Send a note to to inquire.

Check out the video tutorial below for a visual walkthrough: