Now that your venue is accepting applications to play, you will need to define some Business Terms and Artist Responsibilities to outline the expectations of both parties for the events that you book. Artists will have to agree to these terms before accepting a gig with you. Once defined you can easily apply these terms & responsibilities to any gig you offer. You can also make multiple different versions of these terms/responsibilities that apply to different gigs.

  1.  Click ‘Edit Profile’ from the drop-down menu, then click ‘Business Terms’ on the lefthand side.

  2. In the lefthand tab under 'Business Terms' write out the general terms for playing a gig at your venue. if you are looking for some inspiration for what to include, check out our template here. Click 'Save' when you're done.

  3. Move over to the righthand tab where it says 'Artist Responsibilities. Write out your expectations of artists when playing a gig. For some ideas of what to include, check out our template here. Save when you are done.

PRO TIP: You can create multiple business terms and AR’s that you can choose from when you make an offer to an artist. You can also set your default business terms and AR’s.

PRO TIP: We provide sample terms and conditions to help you decide what should be included in your agreement with artists. Find these links just below the text box 

For a visual walkthrough, check out our video tutorial below: