A program is your way to book performances. Programs can be anything from an ongoing Saturday night performance series to a group of yearly Christmas performances. You can set programs to run for a specific period of time, or be ongoing. A Program is different from a Batch- which is intended as an intake process for a program. We’ll tell you more about batches in the next article. Follow the steps below to open your first program.

  1. Go to https://stagehand.app and sign in to your profile. Then select ‘Programs’ from the drop-down menu.

  2. Click on ‘Start Program’.

  3. Name your program, define a start date, and decide whether or not you want it to extend for a finite period, or have an ongoing program. 

  4. Add a brief description of your program to tell artists a little bit about the opportunity.

  5. Add your availability- choose dates that you want to book for. When applying, artists will be prompted to choose from the dates you provide here.

  6. Save your program, and it will become public on your profile.

For a visual representation of this process, check out the video below: