Terms & Conditions are important to ensure that the agreement between artists and the venue are clear at the time of booking. Terms & Conditions differ for every venue,   but this sample template covers most of the important points to outline in your agreement.  

  1. Description of Event: Is the event family friendly? Is the musical content decided by the artist or are there specific expectations? How many sets will the artist play? How long are the sets? If the artist is performing multiple sets, are they given a break in-between? 

  2. Business Terms: How will the artist be paid? (Flat fee, door deal, guarantee, etc.) 

  3. Sound Engineer: Is a sound engineer provided or is the artist responsible for mixing their own sound? If provided, who pays for the sound engineer and how much will it cost? 

  4. Sound: Please check the venues Stagehand profile for details of the available PA.

  5. Food and Beverage Credit: Is there a food and beverage credit for the artist(s)? If so, how much or how is it calculated? For example, a five piece band will be more expensive than a duo if food and beverage is per band member.   

  6. Merchandise: May artists distribute business cards and display CDs or other merchandise for sale at the event?

  7. Audience Admission: Is there a cover charge? What range do you suggest? Who decides? 

  8. Reservations: How can audience members reserve their seat? For example, “Reservations can be made by calling 555-5555 or by emailing reservations@mydomain.com” 

  9. Ticket Sales: If this is a ticketed event, provide details regarding who is responsible for promoting and collecting ticket sales

  10. Parking: Is parking provided?  If so, where?

  11. Load In: Provide details on where the artist can park when loading in and when they can set up (e.g. 3 hours prior to show time). 

  12. Photos & Video: Artists agree that the Venue may use photos available in their Stagehand profile for promotional purposes. The artist understands that they may be photographed or videotaped while performing and agrees that these photos/videos may be used for promotional purposes.  

  13. Promotion: What will the venue do for promotion? What is the artist expected to do? (e.g. provide a gig poster, post on social media, collect ticket sales etc).

  14. Cancellation: The venue reserves the right to cancel the event. 

  15. Admin and Legal: The venue is exempt from responsibility for damage caused to the Artist's equipment during the performance or during transportation to and from the venue.